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Join Vortexa lead analyst Serena Huang who is in conversation with Braemar ACM Head of Tanker Market Research in Asia, Anoop Singh. In this podcast they discuss the battle for market share in the key crude demand market of Asia, amid an ongoing price war and freight market volatility.



Serena and Anoop also evaluate the impact that a potential production cut by OPEC+ and other producing nations would have on refiners and the tanker markets. 


Hear them discuss:

  • Saudi Arabia and Russia's competitive landscape in Asia's crude market
  • Economics of Atlantic Basin crudes coming to Asia
  • Drivers of tanker freight rates and the latest key signals in VLCCs bookings
  • Floating storage capacity – current vs historical context and breakdown of dirty vs. clean tonnage
  • Potential impact of new production cuts on refining margins and tanker markets

Listening time: 15 minutes

Music by mid ground


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