Event highlights: Innovation Series London

Event highlights: Innovation Series London

Innovation Series 2023 successfully launched in London on September 14, an event that saw industry leaders discuss leading market indicators & innovations within the energy & freight sectors.

20 September, 2023
Vortexa Analysts
Vortexa Analysts
During Innovation Series London, we held the following panels, diving deeper into the innovations shaping the future of freight and energy markets:
  • Energy Trilemma: Solving Energy Trilemma through Innovations and Collaboration
  • Unveiling Economic Realities: Analysing Market Conditions, Recession Indicators, and S/D/price perceptions
  • Shaping the Future: Evolving Product Trade Flows amid new Refinery Start-ups
  • Sanctioned Flows Unveiled: Illuminating Uncertainty and Building Transparency
  • Unleashing the Potential of Pricing and AI in the Energy Sector
  • Growing US and Middle East crude flows to Europe: Drivers and Repercussions
  • Unlocking the Future: Predictive Power of Destination Models in Freight Forecasting
  • Destination Model: Unlocking Supply and Demand Predictions in Freight
  • Bridging the Gap between Physical and Financial Markets through Analytics
  • Charting the Course: Harnessing Voyages Data Sets to Navigate the Volatility and Predictability of Freight Markets
  • AI-Powered Energy Revolution: Reshaping the Future of the Industry

Keynote presenters Arthur Richier (Vortexa), Maksym Schipka (Vortexa), Adam Maher (Ursa Space Systems), Vlasios Voudouris (Argus Media), and Fabio Kuhn (Vortexa).

Key market insights from Innovation Series London

We have seen that motor fuels, as shown by Vortexa oil demand indicators, demonstrate a strong performance. Nevertheless, the Pacific Basin has been recently leaving the Atlantic Basic far behind. Hence, we underscore a new growth belt in terms of motor fuel imports and question both excessively optimistic and pessimistic outlooks on China’s oil demand.

After this, we discussed the global refining activity and how the traditional OECD refiners suffer from five key challenges. Historically sizzling-hot refinery margins have not been dampened by even record product exports, entailing a constructive outlook for the remainder of the year.

With an outlook and insights on key clean product trade flows, we also discussed the important role of refining start-ups and maintenance. The reshuffling of flows is in the position to go on, with the South Atlantic region being a crucial ‘battlefield’.

We concluded the event with an outlook on the growing realm and power of data, supporting physical and financial trading and its forecasted change in the future.


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Vortexa Analysts
Vortexa Analysts