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Key features
Onshore inventories
Cushing data
Floating storage
Onshore crude inventories

1. Storage volumes and utilisation for + 20,000 storage tanks, 5.7+ billion barrels tracked across 112 countries at terminal level.

2. Volumes by crude confidence level, location, facility owner and storage type (Refinery, Commercial, SPR).

Cushing crude inventory data

1. Get access to the inventory levels in advance of US Department of Energy (DoE) official weekly statistics.

2. Break down each tank by ownership and historical data for backtesting.

Offshore floating storage

Know what crude and oil products are being stored offshore, where and for how long with detailed global data of floating storage, delivered in near real-time. 

Key features
Demand balances
Crude stocks
Changing indicators
Crude demand balances

Gain a detailed understanding of global crude demand balances, aggregated by week, month or year.

Stocks levels

Understand where crude stocks are rising/falling to help determine where refinery margins are likely to strengthen or weaken.

Trading patterns

Data insights on trading patterns and opportunities signalled by changes in floating storage activity – across the barrel or anywhere in the world.

Two-day tactical headstart advantage with Vortexa’s Cushing Data

Cushing inventory data is supplemented by weekly aerial infra-red observations to provide a very tight correlation with the United States Department of Energy (DOE) weekly statistics.

Vortexa data is available two days before the official EIA storage numbers are released which gives traders an advantage to position themselves well in advance of the DOE figures.

Data integration options
Web application
Access best-in-class UX in our cloud-based platform.
Python SDK
Efficiently explore global data insights & build custom models & reports.
Data API
Easily integrate Vortexa’s data programmatically into your workflows and systems at speed and scale.

Data designed to fit around your workflow

Physical trading
Financial trading
Key ways our clients extract value from Vortexa data
Gauge physical market response to external events
Datasets to shine light on supply & demand trends and to assist in testing trading ideas and speculations.
  • Flows
  • Crude inventories
  • Floating storage
  • Diversions
  • Fixtures
Optimise analysis with highly customisable tools
Be as hands on as you like with raw data or speed up your analysis with pre configured data tools.
  • Net flows
  • Voyage calculator
  • Freight pricing
  • EIA forecast
  • Floating storage
Keep and eye on your cargo throughout its journey
Foresee potential chartering risks that may compromise cargo delivery and negatively impact your P&L.
  • Map
  • Voyage calculator
  • Port congestion
Key ways our clients extract value from Vortexa data
Streamline in-house data analysis processes
Improve data accuracy and credibility with commercial big data and swap manual tasks (i.e. compiling broker reports) for ready-made, real-time datasets to save time and resources.
  • Fixtures
  • Freight pricing
Be the first to capture market opportunities
[WIP] In a market this niche, having a competitive edge can make or break the company.
  • Freight pricing
  • Vessel availability
  • Fleet distribution
  • Fleet utilisation
Benchmark your metrics against peer intelligence
Foresee potential chartering risks that may affect your trade and P&L.
  • Map
  • Voyage calculator
  • Port congestion
Key ways our clients extract value from Vortexa data
Get complete access to the physical market
Own the most comprehensive resource for understanding physical market supply & demand dynamics and trends driving financial market sentiment.
  • Flows
  • Net flows
  • Onshore crude inventories
  • Floating storage

World-class analytics, deep-domain knowledge, advanced AI and global data sources.

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