New joiner spotlight: meet Roslan Khasawneh, Fuel Oil Senior Market Analyst

New joiner spotlight: meet Roslan Khasawneh, Fuel Oil Senior Market Analyst

23 September, 2022
Jessica Irvin
Jessica Irvin, Head of Operations & People
Meet Roslan Khasawneh who recently joined Vortexa as a Fuel Oil Senior Market Analyst.
Roslan shares how he has found his first few months with us, what inspired him to join and of course gives you some great insights into Vortexa’s culture!

Could you start by introducing yourself and telling us about your role?

I am Roslan Khasawneh, a senior analyst at Vortexa, responsible for the global fuel oil markets. Having previously been an energy markets journalist at Reuters, I’m in charge of fine-tuning Vortexa’s already impressive residual fuels offering and translating that into leading market insights and analyses for our clients. 

What inspired you to join Vortexa?

In the six short years, I was covering the energy markets at Reuters, I saw first-hand how technology is transforming the energy landscape – as electronic trading made traditional brokers a dying breed and how big data reshaped the way traders make instantaneous multi-million dollar decisions. 

I wanted to be a part of that change and I feel that Vortexa is doing just that when it comes to the global seaborne energy trade.

[Vortexa's culture is] dynamic and fast paced offering new challenges and learning opportunities on a daily basis.

How would you describe your first few months in your role?

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little intimidated by the seemingly endless stream of web apps and platforms used day-to-day, but learning is a part of the challenge and everyone at Vortexa has been more than willing to help. 

The real fun, however, began when I experienced for myself Vortexa’s service offering and learned about the exciting projects everyone is working on. That’s when I really began to understand how big data can, and will, reshape this market and that is a huge source of motivation. 

How would you describe the culture at Vortexa?

One of openness and collaboration that inspires people to share and push the boundaries. It’s also dynamic and fast-paced offering new challenges and learning opportunities on a daily basis. 

What advice would you give to those looking to join Vortexa?

If you’re looking to be part of the inevitable technological change that’s sweeping through the industry, this is the place to be. As an added bonus, you’ll be working with brilliant and awesome people at a place that encourages you to share ideas and work with teams outside of your own.

Jessica Irvin
Head of Operations & People
Jessica Irvin
Jessica is Head of People & Operations at Vortexa and is responsible for hiring, learning & development, culture, engagement, performance management and leading expansion plans.