A day in the life of… Arthur Degonde, Data Engineer

A day in the life of… Arthur Degonde, Data Engineer

Ever wondered what a day in the life looks like at Vortexa for a Data Engineer? We sat down with Arthur Degonde to dig deeper into what energises him most about working at Vortexa, what he really thinks of the company culture and what qualities are needed to succeed…

10 December, 2021
Jessica Irvin
Jessica Irvin, Head of Operations & People

Arthur Degonde is a Data Engineer, responsible for designing and building data processing systems coupled with machine learning algorithms to feed into the rest of the company.

Prior to joining Vortexa, Arthur finished his studies in Data Science and Business Analytics at ESSEC and Centrale Supelec.

What does day-to-day life in your role look like?

Every day is a different journey! I start by checking Slack messages and tackling different things on my to-do list. We have daily meetings in our team to coordinate and discuss potential blockers. A typical day is a mixture of individual focus time coupled with programming sessions or calls with other people in the company.

What would you say is the most interesting aspect of your role?

As my team is responsible for the data that will be used by just about everyone in the company, I have the chance to talk and collaborate with very smart and talented people from a variety of backgrounds; from data scientists to energy experts, every day is very rewarding and a learning opportunity.

What was your path to joining Vortexa?

I joined Vortexa as a data engineering intern, which was actually my final year internship.

What kind of qualities does a person need to have to succeed at Vortexa?

To be successful at Vortexa, you need to be passionate about what you do and have a strong desire to learn outside your comfort zone. You have to love what you do, be open-minded and willing to learn new things.

What do you like about the culture?

I like the fact that everyone is really willing to share their knowledge with the general public. If there are any difficulties, there is always someone keen to lend a hand. Vortexa is an ideal environment for personal development and mutual support.

Who do you collaborate most with at Vortexa?

Alongside my immediate team, I’m frequently in touch with analysts and data scientists as our work is strongly related. This allows for expertise sharing and a better understanding of the amazing things we are achieving here at Vortexa!

What are the first three things you do on a Monday morning?

I do a bit of sport to get my body started for the day, have a quick shower (cold is better), and then I’ll sketch out my to-do list for the day checking Asana and GitHub – with a warm cup of tea in hand, of course!

What energises you most about working as a Data Engineer?

Vortexa is growing at an incredible pace. As a Data Engineer responsible for the overall data quality, it’s a great feeling when you see Vortexa being cited as a reference for waterborne energy markets data!

Jessica Irvin
Head of Operations & People
Jessica Irvin
Jessica is Head of People & Operations at Vortexa and is responsible for hiring, learning & development, culture, engagement, performance management and leading expansion plans.