Q & A with Edward Smith, Product Specialist

Q & A with Edward Smith, Product Specialist

We sat down with Edward, one of our Product Specialists, to find out what his day-to-day life looks like, what significant milestones he has had at Vortexa, and what he really thinks of our company culture…

06 October, 2023
Jessica Irvin
Jessica Irvin, Head of Operations & People

Edward is a Product Specialist in the London team looking after the customer journey within EMEA. Prior to joining Vortexa, Edward worked at the maritime intelligence company Lloyd’s List Intelligence, working as an analyst researching global maritime infrastructure and vessel tracking data. 

Fun fact: Edward is a keen amateur photographer and once owned a photography business specialising in events, live music and weddings. Now he likes to use his spare time hiking in nature focusing on landscapes and birds of prey.

We wanted to find out what inspired Edward to join Vortexa, what his biggest milestones have been to date and what day-to-day life really looks like for a Product Specialist…

What inspired you to join Vortexa?

Having worked in the maritime data industry for half a decade I could see the impressive work Vortexa was doing to bring transparency to the opaque world of oil markets.

Being part of an agile team creating the next generation of cutting-edge technology and analytics was a massive draw for me and what a journey it has been ever since! 

What would you say is the most interesting aspect of your role? 

No two days are the same, genuinely.

Being a Product Specialist means you are uniquely positioned to liaise closely with a variety of clients working on some of the industry’s most interesting and fundamentally important problems directly with those shaping it.

From helping teams of users gain the most value from the Vortexa universe of data to collaborating with customers for the future of our product means each day can be so varied and invigorating.

Problem solving, expanding and deepening ties with our clients really is a great feeling when you can see how a day’s work has made a difference to building the future of energy and freight markets.

We have brilliant minds inside brilliant people who I am grateful to work with every single day.
What have been some significant milestone moments for you at Vortexa? 

There have been a lot of milestones which we consider successes as a team. I particularly like to celebrate when we are told we a customer chooses us over our competition because of our customer service.

Our whole company prides itself on working together to elevate the customer experience and this has helped us with some of our biggest wins to date.

What key qualities make a Product Specialist successful? 

I think first of all, it’s really important to enjoy working with other people; from our clients around the world to the teams sitting next to you in the office, it’s good to be energised by these interactions.

Secondly, a real interest in the Maritime and Oil and Gas industry will really set you apart.
I love to see how real world events reflect in our data and then showcasing this to our subscribers.

Lastly, attention to detail is a big plus. It’s great to know how the data and methodology works so we can apply this knowledge in conversation with our users.

How would you describe the culture at Vortexa? 

It’s like nowhere else. We have brilliant minds inside brilliant people who I am grateful to work with every single day. Vortexa has purposefully been careful to create such a collaborative spirit across the teams and it shows. 

Being part of an agile team creating the next generation of cutting-edge technology and analytics was a massive draw for me [...]
What advice would you give to people hoping to join Vortexa? 

If you see a job opening that looks appealing, go for it!
Vortexa is expanding and maturing so quickly so there is always room to specialise and grow here.

My advice during the interview process would be to show your enthusiasm for working things out, taking ownership and always pushing forwards to keep advancing the customer experience.

Also, we’re a nice bunch of people here so we’d also like to see the real version of you and how you would fit into the team dynamic!

Describe your working life at Vortexa in three words! 

Constantly breaking boundaries

Jessica Irvin
Head of Operations & People
Jessica Irvin
Jessica is Head of People & Operations at Vortexa and is responsible for hiring, learning & development, culture, engagement, performance management and leading expansion plans.