Freight Pricing & Market Outlook

View the future sentiment of The Baltic Exchange freight rates with an outlook prediction up to 4 days ahead.
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Unlocks a game-changing competitive edge in pricing foresight

Vortexa’s freight pricing and market outlook offer a significant competitive edge to market participants by providing data-driven insights into critical emerging trends, and reliably predicts market sentiment for freight rates up to the next four working days.

Market outlook
Freight pricing
A data-driven future outlook with predictions up to 4 days ahead

In a market first, Vortexa’s Freight Market Outlook provides a data-driven future outlook based on physical market factors to give reliable current market sentiment predictions of the Baltic Exchange freight assessments. For each route, we take into consideration around 70 different factors out of 2,600 potential data inputs that could directly influence future market sentiment.

Freight pricing

View current and historical Worldscale, $/ton and TCE ($/day) for 39 Baltic Exchange Routes and compare current and historical vessel availability and utilisation all in one place.

A crystal ball powered by machine learning and real-time data
Welcome to Vortexa Freight Market Outlook!
Accurately predict the direction of The Baltic Exchange freight rates over the next four business
Learn how Vortexa data scientists developed next-gen machine learning models
Access various use cases, illustrating how freight market participants can reap benefits today
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