Enhance fleet positioning

Tactically position vessels, evaluate where competitor tonnage is and identify where available cargos are.
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Why shipowners choose Vortexa?
Tanker utilisation rate
Distinguish how many ships are being used and gauge demand for each vessel class.
Anticipate freight rates direction
Access The Baltic Exchange freight pricing benchmarks alongside real-time supply and demand market dynamics
Benchmark vessel performance
Understand how vessel capacity is employed around the globe in real-time as well as historically.

How Vortexa works for you

Key ways our clients extract value from Vortexa data
Identify a solid chartering strategy
A successful strategy requires reliable, comprehensive and real-time analytics to spot lucrative freight opportunities before competitors.
  • Cargo flows
  • Fleet utilization
  • Fleet distributiom
Strengthening your position of negotiation
Evaluating how supply side market dynamics will impact pre-fixtures is critical to optimise time charter earnings and strengthen negotiations.
  • Vessel availability
  • Congestion
  • Voyage calculator
Confidently employing your ship ahead of competitors
Overseeing the smooth running of a voyage and assessing post-fixture impacts are pivotal components of managing a successful vessel itinerary.
  • Congestion
  • Voyage calculator
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