Data for trading ideas that spring to action

Extract actionable market insights with ease and confidence.
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Why trading analysts choose Vortexa?
Enhance your data input
Draw from 100s of verified industry sources, scaled with AI and prepped for analysis.
Strengthen your market insights
Combine real-time access to market data with research from our in-house analyst community.
Spot arbitrage opportunities early
Use granular-level detail and predictive analytics tools to pick up on trading signals.

How Vortexa works for you

Key ways our clients extract value from Vortexa data
Analyse global supply & demand fundamentals
Access 99% of the global flows in real-time, filter based on your objectives and save views for quick reference.
  • Flows
  • Inventories
  • Floating storage
  • Freight
Develop trading ideas on the back of arbitrage signals
Maximise time spent on analysis to spot opening arbitrage opportunities early and exercise new strategies.
  • Diversions
  • Net flows
  • Predictive analytics
  • EIA forecast
Benchmark company data against competition
Analyse peer activity to understand market changes as well as identify risks and opportunities.
  • Cargo movements
  • Fixtures
  • Charterer intelligence
Our products
Energy Flows Analytics
Vortexa’s energy flows data and analytics suite provides complete global waterborne oil & gas flows across time, for any location, fleet, charterer and more.
Freight Analytics
Vortexa’s market-leading Freight Analytics suite provides key demand and supply indicators: availability, utilisation, distribution and congestion, as well as freight pricing and a pricing outlook.
Inventories Analytics
Vortexa's Onshore Crude and Offshore Floating Storage Inventories analytics supply the most complete, fast, and accurate data on global crude and oil product levels.