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Added Apr 16, 2020

Vortexa Python SDK: China oil flows during the Covid-19 outbreak

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With the beginning of Q2 2020, the global economy finds itself adapting to an unprecedented situation brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Global oil demand has been severely impacted, and the world is looking to the earliest flow trends related to China, in its capacity as a major crude importer and clean products exporter.

As part of our ongoing series to look into the impacts of the pandemic on global oil flows using our data and analysis tools, the Vortexa data science team have published their latest Jupyter notebook on Vortexa’s Python SDK, that takes as a case study recent Chinese crude imports and clean product exports. 


What does the notebook do?
  • The analysis allows SDK users to quickly find aggregate large flows between regions, countries and ports for various products, vessels or commercial entities such as charterers and vessel owners.
  • We highlight our key findings of investigating China's crude oil imports and clean product exports in March, by product and key destinations, with a historical comparison. 
Where can I find it?



Want to hear more from the Vortexa R&D team?
  • Join Vortexa data scientists and market analysts in a webinar on Tuesday 21 April. They'll be introducing our Python SDK and demonstrating trends in oil floating storage with Jupyter notebooks
  • We regularly publish articles over on the VorTechsa blog 
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