A day in the life of…Lauren Thorpe, Marketing & Events Manager

A day in the life of…Lauren Thorpe, Marketing & Events Manager

Ever wondered what a day in the life looks like at Vortexa for a Marketing & Events Manager? We sat down with Lauren Thorpe to understand what makes everyone tick at Vortexa, what kind of qualities someone needs to have to excel here and how our culture impacts day-to-day life…

23 April, 2021
Jessica Irvin
Jessica Irvin, Head of Operations & People

Lauren is a Marketing & Events Manager based in the London office, responsible for the global events calendar & respective marketing strategies, setting out & implementing marketing campaigns for Vortexa and managing the newly-launched Vortexa Academy.

Prior to joining Vortexa, Lauren worked as a Showcase Director at creative events agency, RAW:natural born artists, delivering events around Australia in music, art, and fashion. Lauren has a Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment Business.

Fun fact: Before moving into event management, Lauren wanted to be an archaeologist…until she realised that she hated dirt and learning hieroglyphs was really hard.

What does day-to-day life in your role look like?

Each day is a completely new experience for me. Whether it’s working on an event, planning for our upcoming events, running a webinar, or working on our marketing strategies, I can safely say that no two days are the same. Especially since the events industry had such a drastic change over the last year, I’ve found my days to be surprising in the best way possible.

What would you say is the most interesting aspect of your role?

The most interesting aspect would be seeing an event come together from a simple concept or idea, to a fully-fledged experience. Life definitely looks different now since Covid, and pivoting from in-person to virtual events has definitely been an interesting process to go through. Being that events pulled back in 2020, I’ve been able to work on a lot of different projects, from rolling out Vortexa Academy, to organising the vorTECHsa newsletter, or helping organise & clean up our CRM. Having lots of projects on the go definitely keeps life interesting!

What was your path to joining Vortexa?

Prior to Vortexa, I was lucky to work in various facets of the event industry, from entertainment & the arts, production, and corporate events and dabbling in marketing along the way. I found I enjoyed the blend between events and marketing and wanted to really focus on being a ‘slashie’, and wearing lots of hats. At Vortexa, I’ve been able to develop lots of different skills that have helped me grow and learn along the way.

What kind of qualities does a person need to have to succeed at Vortexa?

Self-motivation, problem solving and a special spark of curiosity. I think to really succeed at Vortexa, you need to enjoy a challenge and want to continue to innovate.

What do you like about the culture?

The culture at Vortexa is definitely one of the best I’ve come across. We are such a collaborative team, everyone is willing to help out where they can and put their hands up for any projects that come along. Everyone is open and always willing to hear differing opinions; I honestly think that’s where our specialness as a company comes from, being able to hear everyone out and deciding on a course of action together.

Who do you collaborate most with in the company?

Thankfully I get to cross over with a lot of different teams within the company. One week I can be working on a webinar with the market analysis team, the next with Predictions and Market Modelling team (PMMT) to focus on data science, or Sales working out our targets. I work a lot within the marketing & design team as well, who are the best team a girl could ask for.

What are the first three things you do on a Monday morning?

Definitely coffee. No brain power can work before I get the bean juice. Then I go through my slack & emails to cover all bases, and make a game plan for the week, prioritising tasks for each day. Asana is king for me and like any other planner, I really enjoy moving cards to the ‘done’ column.

What energises you most about working as a Marketing & Events Manager?

Seeing the success and enthusiasm of the people around me keeps me excited and helps push myself further to achieve my own goals. That I get to be a part of a company that is building something new and fresh and exciting is icing on the cake.


Jessica Irvin
Head of Operations & People
Jessica Irvin
Jessica is Head of People & Operations at Vortexa and is responsible for hiring, learning & development, culture, engagement, performance management and leading expansion plans.