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The most complete picture of global energy flows in a singular view
Full market coverage
99% coverage of waterborne energy flows & onshore crude inventories.
Reliable future indicators
Position your trades with real-time & forward-looking view of the market & predictive vessels destination analytics.
Discreet competitor intelligence
View what competitors are looking to do by analysing what vessels they have on subs for different products and regions.
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Our products
Energy Flows Analytics
Vortexa’s energy flows data and analytics suite provides complete global waterborne oil & gas flows across time, for any location, fleet, charterer and more.
Freight Analytics
Vortexa’s market-leading Freight Analytics suite provides key demand and supply indicators: availability, utilisation, distribution and congestion, as well as freight pricing and a pricing outlook.
Inventories Analytics
Vortexa's Onshore Crude and Offshore Floating Storage Inventories analytics supply the most complete, fast, and accurate data on global crude and oil product levels.