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LNG Freight Rates Follow Surge in Exports

The recent bonanza of exports enjoyed by LNG producers such as the US, fuelled by a demand crunch in Asia, has rippled through freight markets for LNG carriers. Read more

US LNG Exports Hold Strong, Down from Dec Record Pace

US LNG producers are enjoying what is expected to be a short-lived bonanza as the confluence of depressed international liftings and colder than normal weather in Asia Pacific has recently boosted prices and arbs across gas markets. Read more

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Article: Cold Snap Prompts Fuel Oil Frenzy in Power-Starved Asia [13 January]

“The arrival of fuel oil imports at Japanese ports has risen about 38% in January from the same period last year, preliminary data from Vortexa showed.”

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The Wall Street Journal

Article: Cold Snap Sparks Record Rise in Natural Gas Prices in Asia [11 January]

"Exporters on the Gulf Coast are running at full throttle to ship the surplus of gas in the U.S. to Asia and profit from significantly higher prices in the region. Asia imported a record 3.4 million metric tons of U.S. LNG in December, according to cargo-tracking firm Vortexa."

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Argus Media

Article: Suez Canal emerges as Panama alternative for US LNG [13 January]

“Transit of the Suez Canal had already increased for carriers with US cargoes that were loaded in December and en route to east Asia. Some 15 carriers with US December-loaded cargoes are set to cross the canal on their way to northeast and southeast Asian markets, up from two for December 2019-loaded cargoes, while Panama transits also rose to 22 from 13, according to Vortexa data. But deliveries to east Asian markets through the Cape of Good Hope rose only slightly to three from two.”

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